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10/24/17 Homework

posted Oct 24, 2017, 12:40 PM by Joanna Vargas

-Vocabulary page 32.

-’Haunted House for Sale’ due tomorrow.  

Students completed worksheets in class last week to begin this writing assignment. We began with a ‘sensory details’ page, thinking of ways to enhance the description of our house. Next, these sensory details were used in a worksheet which helped us organize our writing for the ad.  On Friday, we discussed great ‘leads’ for our topic sentence, as well as what would make a strong closing sentence.  Yesterday, we began typing our ‘Haunted House For Sale’ ads in the technology lab. Students also chose a large piece of construction paper for their completed project.  The printed ad goes on the paper along with an image of their haunted house. Students can create the house however they’d like (drawing, collage, painting, etc).


-Vocabulary Test on Thursday, 10/26

-Spelling Test on Friday, 10/27